You Do Not Have To Take The Abuse

I sometimes face guilt when I reflect on some decisions I have made in order to create a life that will protect my sobriety. What comes to mind is the boundaries that I have had to set with people that I love. Setting strong and long lasting boundaries is probably one of the hardest things… Continue reading You Do Not Have To Take The Abuse

Thank you for 3 years sober!

Three years. It truly feels unfathomable. It feels like forever ago I couldn't and wouldn't dare to imagine facing my life without the crutch of a substance. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me--why I felt like I was so unbelievably broken. I would observe the lives of others… Continue reading Thank you for 3 years sober!

An open letter to all the men who have left me:

I'm writing this to you because I think you should know something. It's something I've always wanted to tell you so here it goes. My search for companionship has never been for cheap or casual connections. I've always craved true love. I've always set out to give and receive the greatest love. As you know, I am very open… Continue reading An open letter to all the men who have left me: